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A quick guide to all of the topics on Ohio Legal Help.

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Information on divorce, dissolution, legal separation, domestic violence and custody.

Dealing with domestic violence and abuse

Filing for dissolution

Filing an answer to divorce

Divorce, dissolution or separation

Filing for divorce when you have children

Filing for divorce without children

Reporting child abuse or neglect


Information on security deposits, landlords, utilities, evictions, repairs, foreclosure, subsidized housing and mobile homes.

Getting your security deposit back

Moving out before the end of your lease

Filing an application for rent escrow

Getting your landlord to make repairs

Getting evicted from subsidized housing

Avoiding eviction

What to do after you receive eviction papers

What to do if your landlord sues you for money

Landlord lock outs and utility shut offs

Missing your mortgage payments

What to do after you receive foreclosure papers

Money and Debt

Information on debt, creditors, garnishment and bankruptcy.

How to dispute a debt

What happens when a creditor takes money from your bank account

What to do when a creditor sues you

Understanding bankruptcy and your options

Taking charge of debt

What to do when a creditor is taking your wages

Getting debt collectors to stop bothering you

Public Benefits

Information on SNAP, OWF, WIC, SSI, Medicaid and unemployment benefits.

Cash assistance through Ohio Works First

Social Security disability programs

Applying for free or low-cost food

Food stamps or SNAP

Learning more about benefits

WIC for women and children


Unemployment benefits


Information on kinship care.

Kinship care of your grandchildren

Veterans and Servicemembers

Information on veterans benefits.

Veterans benefits

Crime and Traffic

Information on understanding criminal and traffic cases, and driver's license amnesty.

Applying for driver's license amnesty

Understanding criminal cases

Understanding traffic cases

Going to Court

Information on courts, mediation, negotiation, judges, hearings, evidence and witnesses.

Understanding when it's important to hire a lawyer

Resolving your legal problem without going to court

Getting ready for a hearing

Natural Disasters

Information on emergency legal services after a natural disaster

Problems caused by natural disasters