Tax Foreclosure Answer

Find out if you qualify for help. Your county may have money available to help you pay your property taxes. You can learn more and find your county provider at Save the Dream Ohio. 

Tax foreclosure is the legal process your county can use to take your home if you get too far behind paying your property taxes. It starts when the county/plaintiff files a summons and complaint against you in court. You must respond to the summons within 28 days.

Learn more about the tax foreclosure process in Ohio. 

You can use the template form on this page to create your answer. It can be hard to work through this without a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may be able to get help from your local legal aid.

You will need to respond to each numbered paragraph of the complaint. Review each paragraph carefully and then follow the simple rules below: 

  • Admit if you agree with every part of paragraph. 
  • Deny if you disagree with any part of a paragraph. 
  • Respond I don’t have enough information to answer if you don’t know whether that paragraph is true.

Don’t guess, it’s ok not to know or to deny. 

After you complete the form:  

  • Make photocopies of your answer.
  • File the answer with your clerk of courts’ office. The summons will have the address and contact information for the clerk of court's office.
  • Mail a copy of your answer on the plaintiff's attorney. You can find the name and address for the plaintiff's attorney on the summons. The summons will say "the name and address of the plaintiff's attorney is." 
  • Mail a copy of your answer on the other parties named on the complaint. The complaint on the first page will list the name and addresses of every party to the case.   


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