Legal information for foster youth

If you are a current or former foster youth, you have special rights. You may also run into other law-related issues that you need help with. Read more to learn about legal rights, issues and special programs for foster youth in Ohio. 

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Understanding the Basics

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When you're in the foster care system in Ohio, and when you age out, there are special rights and programs that can help you navigate different challenges. Read the articles below to see what options are available to help. 

Resources for youth in care

  • Foster Youth Bill of Rights. Learn about the 13 basic rights all youth in foster care have in Ohio and what to do if they're violated.
  • Your rights in court. Learn about the court hearing process when you are a child in the foster care system, and how you can participate to make your voice heard. 
  • Aging out of foster care. Learn about the special programs and benefits available for youth aging out of care in Ohio. 
  • Youth Ombudsman. The Youth Ombudsman works independently from children services and placement agencies to help you solve problems and, if you are in foster care, advocate for your rights to be protected while in foster care. 

Common legal issues

Issues related to the legal system happen to everyone, but they can be especially common as you're becoming a young adult and aging out of the foster care system. Read the articles below for information on these common issues: 


Family and Kids

Name Change, IDs and Vital Records

Crime and Traffic

Money and Debt

Forms and Letters

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