Grandparent Power of Attorney

This form is for grandparents who are taking full-time care of their grandchildren, sometimes called grandparent kinship care. It will allow you to make decisions about your grandchild's school and healthcare. Use this form if you are able to get in touch with the child's parents. You will need to fill it out together. 

If you have tried but can't find the child's parents, use this form instead.

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Before You Get Started

Learn what you will need to fill out this form.
  • Complete the form with one or both of the grandchild's parents. If you are taking care of multiple grandchildren, you will need to fill out one form per grandchild. 
  • Print out the form, but do not sign it yet. You and the parent will need to sign it in front of a notary
  • After the form is signed and notarized, you must file it with your county's juvenile court within five days. The juvenile court might have additional forms they'd like you to fill out, like a cover sheet. Ask the clerk when you arrive to make sure that you have everything you need. 

This form does not give you authority over your grandchild's adoption, marriage or custody arrangements. It only allows you to temporarily enroll your grandchild in school, access their educational information, provide consent for educational activities and get medical treatment for the child. 

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