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Eviction in Ohio

If you have received eviction papers, you might have more time—and options—than you think. But you must take action. Otherwise, your credit and future housing could be at risk.

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Second cause evictions

If your eviction summons says “second cause” on it, your landlord is suing you for money. Learn what to do and how to file an answer.

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Eviction from subsidized housing

Your landlord must prove "good cause" to evict you from subsidized housing. Learn what good cause is, how the eviction process works and what you can do to avoid it.

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Eviction from a mobile home park

If you’re facing eviction from your mobile home, the stakes can be high—especially if you own the mobile home, but rent the lot. Here’s what you should do next.

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Other housing resources

We are always working on expanding our content. Unfortunately, it looks like you might be interested in a topic we don't cover. This page has links and resources to help you get information that goes beyond what we currently offer on this site.

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Landlord lock outs and utility shut offs

A landlord is not allowed to change your locks or shut off your utilities to force you out. If this happens to you, take action immediately. Here’s how.

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Tax foreclosure in Ohio

Learn the deadlines and processes for tax foreclosure in Ohio.

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Legal information for foster youth

A hub for legal information and resources for current and former foster youth in Ohio.

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Criminal court

A legal problem between you and another person or business is called a civil matter or case. A criminal case is between you and the state, and is handled differently. Here’s some basic information to help you understand the difference.

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Getting ready for a hearing

Here’s how to prepare for your hearing, to speak up when it’s your turn and to find out about courtroom processes and rules.

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