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Getting a divorce with children

Learn what you need to know to get divorced in Ohio, including the paperwork and important issues you need to think about.

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Divorce, dissolution or legal separation

You have three main options if you want to end your marriage: dissolution, divorce or legal separation. Learn the difference between them and what is likely to be best for you.

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Answering a divorce

After you have been served divorce papers, it’s important to get organized and respond quickly. You have a limited amount of time to respond. Here's what you need to do, including the paperwork you will need to file.

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Getting a divorce without children

Learn what you need to know to get a divorce without children in Ohio.

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Child welfare investigations in Ohio

Learn more about the child abuse investigation process and your role and rights as a parent.

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Fight a debt collection lawsuit in Ohio

Learn what to do if you are sued for debt in Ohio and how to file an answer.

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Foster Youth Bill of Rights

Learn about Ohio's Foster Youth Bill of Rights.

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Changing your legal name

Learn how to change your legal name in Ohio.

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Other family resources

We are always working on expanding the site. Unfortunately, though, it looks like you might be interested in a topic we don't cover. This page has links and resources to help you get information that goes beyond what we currently offer on this website.

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Getting a dissolution

To file for a dissolution, you will need to sit down with your spouse to fill out a number of complex forms. Then you will file the forms with your Clerk of Court. This page will help you understand what to fill out, what you should think through and provide the forms you will need.

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