Foreclosure Answer

Use this form to file an "answer" if a foreclosure case has been filed against you in court. It is important that you file an answer within 28 days of receiving the foreclosure complaint. If you don't, the court will assume that you agree with everything stated in the complaint and you will lose your home. 

A note on COVID-19: On March 27, 2020, the Supreme Court of Ohio issued an order that "tolls" the time requirements for filings and other court deadlines. As the Court explains, "tolling serves to effectively freeze time from...March 9, 2020 until the expiration of the order. " For example, if you had a answer filing deadline on March 19th (10 days after March 9th), your new deadline is now 10 days after the Court's order expires. The order will expire either on 1) the date the Governor lifts the state of emergency; or 2) July 30, 2020, whichever comes first.  

However, a local court can still require you to file within the original deadlines. That means that you need to check the court docket for your case to see if the court has placed an order on your case requiring filing within the initial deadline. To find the online docket for your case go to the court or clerk's website. You can find contact and website information for your local courts on this page, under "Local Government and Community Resources."


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Before You Get Started

Learn what you will need to fill out this form.

After you complete the form, sign it. Next, look at the section that says "Certificate of Service." The law requires you to "serve" a copy of the documents you will file, and certify to the court that you did so. Fill in the date that you will mail the copies to the "Plaintiff" and any other parties named on the foreclosure complaint, and sign your name on the line labeled “Defendant.”

Make enough copies of the form to keep one for yourself, give one to the court, and mail a copy to each party named in the "Certificate of Service."

Take the copies to the Clerk of Court's office where your foreclosure was filed against you. The clerk will stamp the original and copies, and keep the original for court records. 

Finally, mail the copies to the parties named on the "Certificate of Service." Keep a copy of your answer for your records.

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