What repairs should landlords make?

In Ohio, your landlord is responsible for making repairs. Here are the some of the common ones you should be aware of. 

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As a renter, you have responsibilities. For example, you have to pay your rent on time and in full. You’re also responsible for certain tasks, like taking out the garbage. It is also important that you make sure that you, your family and your guests don’t damage the home — apart from the normal wear and tear of daily living.  

Your landlord has responsibilities too. Your landlord needs to make sure your home is safe, livable and up to code.   

Kinds of repairs landlords should make

Here are some examples of repairs that your landlord is responsible for: 

  • Keep common areas like hallways, stairs and elevators safe and clean 
  • Make sure you have a safe and reliable heating source 
  • Make sure you have running water, including hot water 
  • Repair appliances that came with the home, like the refrigerator or stove 
  • Repair problems with the electricity, plumbing, ventilation and sewage systems 
  • Repair your air conditioner, if it came with your home 
  • Get rid of an insect or rodent infestation, including cockroaches and mice 
  • Fix broken windows, doors, locks and stairs, as long as you, your family or guests did not cause the damage 
  • Provide garbage cans, if your building has 4 or more units

If you have any of these problems, let your landlord know as soon as possible. Here's what to do if your landlord refuses to make repairs

What if my landlord gets mad?

If you're worried your landlord might try to get back at your for requesting a repair, you're not alone. There are some landlords who might try to punish you for requesting repairs. You might be at even more risk if you rent month-to-month or your lease is about to end. 

However, Ohio law states that your landlord can't act out against you for asking for repairs. If you ask for any of the repairs listed above, your landlord is NOT allowed to: 

  • Increase your rent, force you to pay for the repair or threaten to evict you
  • Shut off your utilities or change the locks
  • Set your stuff out on the street 
  • Threaten any of these actions or try to force you out of your home 

Now that you know what kinds of repairs your landlord is required to make, here’s what to do if your landlord refuses to make them.  

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