Opportunity Port

Opportunity Port connects Ohio residents with free legal assistance to apply to seal or expunge a criminal record. 

Opportunity Port users must be seeking to seal or expunge an arrest, dismissal, or conviction in the state of Ohio.

Opportunity Port’s service providers are the Legal Aid Society of Columbus (Franklin County), the Franklin County Municipal Court Self Help Resource Center (Franklin County), Equality Ohio (Franklin County), Southeastern Ohio Legal Services of New Philadelphia (Tuscarawas County), and The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (Statewide). 

At the end of the Opportunity Port survey, you choose which service provider you want to work with to complete your record sealing or expungement application. Appointments with the service provider are conducted over the phone and completed applications are made available to the user via email. 

Some Opportunity Port providers have income requirements for service. If the organization you choose is unable to help due to your income or household size, they will refer you to another Opportunity Port service provider who can.

To start the record sealing and expungement application assistance process through Opportunity Port, complete their online survey here.

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Opportunity Port
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