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This Intake Assistant is a joint project of Ohio Legal Help and the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP. The Assistant will help you complete the necessary information for the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP to review your request for help.

It will take about 15 minutes to complete the intake interview.     

Information you provide will be used to determine whether the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP will be able to accept your case. No attorney-client relationship is created through the use of this Intake Assistant. 

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Time to Complete:15 minutes
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Please Note: You should also consider filing your discrimination complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. A failure to file in a timely manner with the Commission could prevent you from pursuing your claim in the future. 

After the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP receives your request, you will receive a confirmation letter. This confirmation letter is NOT an offer of legal assistance or a promise that the NAACP will become involved with your issue. The Cleveland Branch NAACP legal team will review your request to determine if the NAACP can provide assistance. During this process, you should expect a phone call from a Cleveland Branch NAACP legal team member to further discuss your issue.

The NAACP receives a large number of requests for legal representation and tries to promptly respond to them all. Please have patience with the process. Allow the NAACP Cleveland Branch at least two weeks to contact you and send you the confirmation letter. 

If your issue gets resolved while the NAACP is reviewing your request, please call the office at 216-231-6260 to close your file.

Denials: If, after carefully reviewing your request, the NAACP is unable to provide you with representation, then you will receive a denial letter. This denial letter is NOT to suggest that your claim does not have merit. The NAACP has limited resources and can't provide legal representation on every request for assistance. 

Acceptances: If, after carefully reviewing your request, the NAACP is able to provide you with representation, you will receive an acceptance letter and a NAACP legal team member will contact you to schedule a face-to-face meeting. This acceptance letter is NOT a promise that your case will be resolved in your favor. Rather, it simply means that the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP will represent you to the best of its ability throughout your case.