Summary Release Form Assistant

This Form Assistant will help you get the basic packet of blank forms you'll need to file for Summary Release from Administration in Ohio. Your local probate court may need additional forms. Check their website or call to make sure you have everything you need before you file. 

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There are two cases where you can apply for summary release from administration:

  • You are the surviving spouse of the deceased person. To be eligible, the surviving spouse must be entitled to all of the "family allowance." You are not eligible if your spouse left behind minor children who are not also your children. The value of the estate must not exceed $40,000 plus up to $5,000 in funeral expenses paid or owed by the surviving spouse.
  • You paid for the deceased person’s funeral. To be eligible, you must pay or be obligated in writing to pay the funeral and burial expenses. The value of the estate must not exceed $5,000.

After You Finish

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You will need to include supporting documents with your forms. Documents you will need include: 

  • The original will (if the decedent had a will)
  • Copy of the death certificate (redact Social Security Number)
  • A detailed funeral bill that shows who paid the funeral expenses or who is obligated in writing to pay them
  • Copies of documentation establishing the value of ALL of the assets listed in the application (examples: deeds, bank statements, auto title, last pay check, value of real estate from County Auditor, etc)
  • Some courts may have additional requirements, like a certified copy of your marriage abstract if you are applying as a surviving spouse. Call the court or check their website to find out if you will need to bring additional documents.