Fair housing letter: Request for reasonable modification

This Form Assistant will help you create a letter to request a reasonable modification.

Ohio and federal laws protect the rights of individuals with disabilities, including the right to a reasonable modification to allow you to enjoy and get full use of your home.  

In your letter, you should:

  • Explain how your disability limits your daily activities.  
  • Explain how the requested reasonable modification will allow you the equal opportunity to use and enjoy your home. 
  • Consider attaching a note from your doctor or other healthcare professional. If the disability-related need for your reasonable modification is not obvious or known, you should consider attaching a note from your doctor or other healthcare professional that describes all of the following: 
    • Your disability 
    • How your disability limits your daily activities 
    • How the requested accommodation will help you have full use and enjoyment of your home  

After you send your letter, your landlord may request to speak with you or request additional documentation. Your landlord or housing provider can’t ask you for detailed medical information or a diagnosis, but they can ask you for limited information that:

  • Verifies that you have a disability
  • Further describes the modification
  • Shows the connection between your disability and the need for the requested modification

Often, the letter or note from your doctor or other healthcare professional should be enough.

Tenants usually have to cover the cost of a reasonable modification, unless the housing provider receives federal funding.

Landlords usually can’t force you to use special materials or a more expensive design, but they can ask for the work to be done well and with any permits that may be needed. Landlords also could require you to remove the modification when you move out, if it’s reasonable to remove it. 

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