Immigration: Limited power of attorney for children

If you do not have legal immigration status, it is important to make plans for your family in case you are detained. Use this form to give a trusted friend or family member general power to make the majority of decisions and to do the majority of things that a parent would do for their child.

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After You Finish

Learn what to do when you have finished filling out this form.
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After you finish filling out this form: 

  • The parent or parents must sign the form in front of a notary public. If you did not sign the Limited Power of Attorney form before being arrested or detained, you can ask jail staff to help find a notary in the jail.
  • The form should be signed by the parent or parents with legal custody or the legal guardian. Both parents should sign if the child is living with both parents.
  • You should make copies of this form once it is signed. Use the copies whenever possible in order to protect the original.
  • A different Limited Power of Attorney form should be completed for each child in the family.
  • The Limited Power of Attorney form is only a short-term solution to a parent or parents being arrested and detained by the government. The trusted friend or family member will need to talk to a lawyer about child custody if the child’s parent or legal guardian is detained.

This form may not be honored or recognized by all persons, governmental organizations or businesses.