Dissolution Form Assistant

This is the first step you will take to start the process of filing for dissolution. The information you enter will be used to put together a packet of documents you will need to save, fill out, print and file with your local court. 

Learn more about the dissolution process.

Don't exit until you have filled out all of the information since anything you enter can't be saved until the end. Also be sure to:

  • Enter your information completely and correctly. 
  • Set aside enough time. Answering the questions for this Form Assistant will take about five minutes. The forms that you will receive at the end may take several hours to fill out. 
  • Use a computer, if possible, so that you can easily save your documents  or email them to yourself.

If you're filing in Montgomery County, go to the Montgomery County Virtual Self Help Center to complete your forms online and find detailed information about the Court's processes.

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