Motion to Modify Child Support

Use these forms to file for a modification to a child support order in Ohio. You can only use these forms if you have an existing child support order. You should also check your court’s website to see if there are any additional local forms you should file.

These forms should be filed in the court where the existing child support order was made. In the case of divorced parents this is typically the domestic relations court and in the case of parents that were never married this is typically the juvenile court. If the order was issued by CSEA, not a court, but you’d like to modify the order through the court instead of CSEA, file in juvenile court. Read this article for more information about the CSEA and court modification processes.

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After You Finish

Learn what to do when you have finished filling out this form.
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Here’s what to do next.

Step 1. Set aside enough time

These forms can be filled out on your phone, but they are easier to fill out on a computer, especially since you can save them when you need a break and come back later.

Step 2. Check to see if your Domestic Relations Court has a self-help center

If they do, go there first. They can answer questions, review your forms or help you complete the forms.

Step 3. Make photocopies

After you complete and sign the forms, make five photocopies.

Step 4. File

Take the forms and copies to the Clerk’s office at the court where the original order was made. Clerk staff can help make sure you have all the forms but will not be able to answer questions about the forms or help you fill out anything.