Franklin County Probate Court Resource Center

The Franklin County Probate Court Resource Center was created to provide limited legal assistance to individuals who are handling simple estate matters but cannot afford a lawyer. If you qualify to participate in Resource Center services, you will receive free, one-on-one, legal assistance from a lawyer.

The Resource Center may be able to help you with the following types of cases:

  • Small Estates.  The Resource Center can help you transfer assets to the heirs of a small estate.  A small estate has assets totaling less than $35,000 for people not married at the time of death and less than $100,000 for people who were married at the time of death
  • Real Estate Transfer Only.  We can assist if the only asset in the estate is a single or multiple pieces of real estate, even if the real estate has a value over $100,000, and six months have passed since the date of death.

How to request services: Call 614-525-7251 and leave a message for a Resource Center attorney.  You will receive a return call within three business days. All consultations are completed by phone. 

Visit the Resource Center website to learn what paperwork you will need to complete before your appointment. 

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Franklin County Probate Court Resource Center
373 S. High Street
22nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Estados Unidos

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